> S U P E R M U M <

> S U P E R M U M <


I titled this blog ‘Supermum’, and whilst I’m not trying to blow smoke out of my ass I truly believe that every mum is Super. Not even just mums! Super parents are out there in full force, keeping their young clothed, fed and watered and lets face it, if we can crawl into bed at the end of the day with no-one having broken a bone, ended up in jail or siblings killing eachother, we're doing a pretty damn good job. This is not to say I’m judging those that have carried their child screaming in agony into A+E with broken bones, (and thankfully I have never had to do that) but I know how hard it is as a parent when your little ones come in with the most horrific grazes from falling off the scooter you told them to be careful on only moments before. Any parent that’s had to face calming their child with a bone sticking out of an arm or leg deserves a fricken medal!! I’ve always been ok with blood and gore but I’m not gonna lie, when there’s flesh and cuts almost down to the bone, my stomach turns and I have to put on the mum ‘brave face’ and seriously try not to puke whilst shouting for my husband or any other adult near by!!

When someone first called me a Supermum I felt so embarrassed. I wanted to curl up into a ball and hide. To me, having four kids is normal - well kind of. We always knew we wanted a big family and whilst we never thought it was possible, we have proved doctors wrong and low and behold, 3 sassy assed drama queens and 1 cheeky little prince later, we knew our family was complete. That and my brain telling me if I had anyone else to think about I will actually have a breakdown! Keeping track of everyone’s appointments, clubs, school trips and birthday parties is hard enough. I just decided to start a business as well...

I believe everyone has their limits and I have found mine. Juggling is something I am now, almost a pro at and I even manage to keep a smile on my face when I pick the boy up from school and he’s gone into a full blown meltdown because I forgot his bloody Pokémon cards but remembered his snack. Most days are good, but there are days they all want to fight, kick and scream at eachother (including Genie who isn’t quite 18 months old yet) and I’d just love the ability to mute everyone and have a quiet cup of tea. The goals of parenthood right!?? My dad actually bought me a pair of super sonic headphones that drillers use to block out noise, lets just say - I don’t use them enough!

So I just wanted to give you Superhumans a big shout out and just remember you’re doing a great job - you’re raising a human after all. We as parents take too much to heart, we compare ourselves to other parents and families, we envy others kids when they sleep and ours don’t but one things for sure, we are all in this together...one shitty nappy and stroppy teenager at a time.

Your biggest fan, 

Mrs ELF 


please note: photo is of me, my four and some of EAZ gorgeous models - they are not all mine!!



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